Upcoming Events

Please take a few moments from our wonderfully-timed long weekend to mark down these awesome event on you calendar! Here are just a few updates from our last post about events coming to Boston!

1. Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, professor of law at Emory University will be at 10 Lenox Street at Boston University to give a seminar series on “Beyond Minority Politics: American Muslims and Citizenship” on Thursday March 24th, 2011. For more information call 617-353-9050 or cura@bu.edu.

2. Bukhari Institute presents “Celebrating the Prophet’s Life and Legacy” featuring a performance by Noor Ensemble on February 20th, 3pm to 9pm at Harvard University musallah. Halaqa on the Prophet’s life through the study of the Qasida Burdah or Poem of the Mantle, the greatest poem in praise of Nabi Muhammed(saw). followed by dinner and live recitation of the Burdah by Boston’s own “Noor Ensemble.”

Please be sure to check out our last post for information about Boston University’s Islamic Awareness Week in March and MSA East Zone Conference coming to Boston in April!

Have a Happy Three-Day Weekend!!

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