Americans for Informed Democracy

Dear Friends:

The time has come. The time to rise up. To learn more. To speak out.

We are barraged with media, advertising and spin. Too often the issues we care about don’t get the serious attention they deserve.

But we can change that. This summer, Americans for Informed Democracy is issuing a call for concerned young people interested in leading national conversations and campaigns around critical global issues like climate change, security, food and global health.

We need you to help us influence the debate around these critical topics, keeping them on the public radar alongside pressing domestic issues. Because the security, health and happiness of young people around the globe affects us all.

Will you join us? You don’t need to be a seasoned activist or organizer, just someone with the drive and energy to make a difference. Here’s how:

1. Join a campaign team. Teams lead AIDemocracy’s national-level work educating and mobilizing students to take action. We are looking for the following positions for each of our four campaign teams: Security, Climate Change, Food Security and Sex & Justice (so yes, there are a total of 16 positions!):

Coordinator: recruits, supports and inspires a team of 4-8 students working on the issue.
Issue Analyst: provides thoughtful analysis and commentary on relevant national and foreign policy issues.
Organizer: identifies, recruits and mobilizes other young people from across the US around the issue.
Communications Guru: directs our use of print and new media around the issue, including blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

These are excellent opportunities to build leadership, organizing, policy analysis and communications skills. Find out more on our website.

2. Talk about sex. And maternal health. And much more, as one of our Global Health Fellows! Fellows lead conversations around key global health challenges, benefit from in-depth issue and advocacy training, and inspire their peers to take action. Find out more on our website.

3. Bring it all home. Our Security Campaign Team is also recruiting ‘What’s It To Me?’ Bloggers. Bloggers write monthly posts exposing the links between global security issues and local communities in the United States. Find our more on our website.

All positions are for the 2011-12 academic year.

To apply: Please send a resume and statement of interest to You do *not* need extensive experience to apply; they are learning opportunities. Positions will be filled on a rolling basis. Feel free to contact us with questions about the positions. Find out more on our website.

Thank you for helping us build a more peaceful, healthy, just and sustainable world. Now let’s do this!

Karen, Patrick, Ian, Rachel, Kait, Tracy, Bill, Anton, Yasmine, Scott and the rest of the AIDemocracy team

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