The 10 Day Ramadan Prep Challenge

The Prophet and the companions used to prepare themselves for Ramadan MONTHS before it even arrived. Today we dont have that drive, and hardly ever prepare. The 10 Day Ramadan Prep Challenge is an online step towards the solution to that problem.

Join us for TEN days before Ramadan for a lecture a day to boost our Ramadan spirit. Events will take place daily from 6:45 PM CST (4:45 PST) – 8:00 PM CST (6:00 PST)

Mark your calendars and check here for more information.


Day 1: Omar Soleiman “Let the hearts submit”
Day 2: Hanaa Gamal “Ramadan Fiqh and Women”
Day 3: Wissam Sharieff “Ramadan & Desires:
Day 3: Abdelrahman Murphy “Youth: Balancing School”
Day 4: Yaser Birjas “The Art of Excelling in Ramadan”
Day 5: Abdul Nasir Jangda “Your Salah 2.0”
Day 6: Farhat Hasmi & Aisha Altaf “Its a special time for moms”
Day 7: Nouman Ali Khan “You & Quran: a New Beginning”
Day 8: Waleed Basyouni “Ramadan Changed History & it can change you!”
Day 9: Dr. Bashar Shala “Living a Healthy Ramadan”
Day 10: Gyasi Mckenzie “The new Muslim experience and Ramadan”

and more!


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