Qur’an for Family Tafseer Surah Al-Rahman by Nouman Ali Khan

Ustadh Nouman is finally coming back to MA! And this time, like always, with a beautiful topic, Surah Al-Rahman (The Most Merciful).

When: Saturday, September 17 · 10:00am – 3:30pm
Location: Islamic Center of New England 74 Chase Dr Sharon, MA

This is part of Bayyinah Institutes Qur’an for Family series, their newest initiative. It is a series of family friendly, affordable, insightful and enjoyable programs designed to inspire and motivate the entire family to build a strong bond with the Final Word. It will be a half day course going through the beauties and insights of this amazing surah (chapter).

To register for the class: http://bayyinah.com/studentcenter/

The tuition is $35/person. And as always with Bayyinah Inst, tuition is not a reason to skip this course. If it’s an issue, don’t worry about it, just come and we’ll take care of the rest (still register online though).

For more information regarding the instructor: http://bayyinah.com/instructors/nouman-ali-khan/


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