UPENN Law School Recruitment


My name is Noor and I’m a third year law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. I’m also the admissions liaison for the Muslim Law Students’ Association.

UPenn Law is an excellent law school full of opportunity. In recent years, few Muslims have been accepted. I’ve been working with Penn Law admissions this year to ensure that Muslims around the U.S. have an opportunity to come to Penn Law, and that Penn can benefit from the talent that Muslims have to offer.

UPenn Law is LOOKING for Muslim law students who are bright and eager, who apply and are not afraid to self-identify as Muslims.

UPenn Law admissions will be conducting a recruitment trip to Boston University on September 16 at 4 pm, in the College of Arts and Sciences, B-12, 725 Commonwealth Avenue.

I ask that you advertise this to all of your members and encourage them to meet admissions, ask questions, and APPLY.

Many Muslims are afraid to self-identify on law school applications, however, I, in conjunction with the admissions committee, will tell you that self-identification on a UPenn Law application will only HELP.



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