Going to be in town for Eid-ul-Adha inshaAllah? Come celebrate with your ISBU brothers and sisters on campus! ISBU will have events throughout the day on Sunday, November 6th 2011.
Eid Prayer: 
  • Meet at Marsh Plaza 7:45 AM for the Eid Prayer at 9am at ISBCC.
  • Contact 857-212-0683 or isbuact@gmail.com if you have any questions
  • The other prayer times at the ISBCC are 7:30 AM and 10 AM, but we’ll be attending the 9 AM InshaAllah.
Eid Brunch: 
  • Grab Brunch after the prayer at the Dogwood Cafe with MIT, Wellesley, and other local MSA’s. In case you can’t make it to the prayer, you can join us there directly at 11 AM. It is at the Forest Hills T Stop on the Orange Line (10 min ride from ISBCC).
  • PLEASE RSVP to isbuact@gmail.com by Saturday morning 12 PM. We’re making reservations so we need an approximate head count!! Very important!
Plans for the day: 
  • You can go bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes in Kenmore with MIT, Northeastern, and other local MSA’s, right after brunch. If you miss brunch, you can meet up with everyone between 1:30-2pm. (Approx. cost: 2 games: $12.50)
  • If you’re not interested in bowling, come shopping with some of the ISBU sisters. Meet at Kenmore station at 1:30pm to head over to the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall!
  • The Organization of Pakistani Students (OPS) is having Eid-ul-adha dinner at Darbar Restaurant. Join us on the Eid-ul Adha day for a special Eid Dinner at Darbar Restaurant! There will be a special buffet for that day so make sure you come!We will meet up at Marsh Plaza at 7:00 PM and go there. Depending on how the weather is we will walk there or go by bus (so make sure you top up your Charlie Card). For more information visit:Facebook Event or Darbar Website

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