Community Service: ISBCC Food Drive

ISBU will inshaAllah be taking part in the MCSS Food Drive at ISBCC on Saturday, 19th November 2011. Please email us at if you want to help out and give back to the community as soon as you can since we need to confirm the number with the organizers at the ISBCC.

“Never shall you attain to true piety unless you spend on others of what you cherish for yourseleves; and whatever you spend, verily, God has full knowledge thereof” – Qur’an 3:92

The MCSS food program provides monthly food packages to more than 90 families in need of assistance including the elderly, refugees and the poor.  Volunteers gather monthly to pack and deliver food in an effort to battle hunger. The food program needs your time and energy to continue this effort and to continue to work on our obligations to our neighbors. Join us and help us package and deliver food at the ISBCC. It’s the 3rd Saturday of every month, 10 AM for packing and 2 PM for deliveries. ISBU will be meeting at Marsh Plaza at 9:10 am and will leave at 9:15 so we can get there by 9:45.

TO: ISBCC, Roxbury Masjid, 100 Malcolm X Blvd.Boston, MA 02120

If you can’t make it at 9 then feel free to join us later on in the day. We will be there till 3pm.

Contact this number if you have any questions. 617-955-5967

The towns we need to cover for deliveries are: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, South Boston, and South End. If you can help with deliveries, please contact us which town(s) you prefer to cover and the number of deliveries you can make, so we can plan the routes beforehand.

For more information, please check the Facebook Event!


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