Syria Rally

Rally to support the Syrian people: Facebook Event
As you know, the atrocities and violence against humanity that are currently being committed in Syria are at a level that the rest of the world is only now taking a stand against. However, momentum must be kept up by those who care about the welfare of the everyday mother, child, family– people who were going about their lives, demanding just the one thing we take for granted here in America, freedom. 
It is a duty incumbent upon us as Muslims to stand up for the rights of others, not to mention our responsibility as Americans to speak out if personal and public freedoms are being threatened. As such, I urge you to spread the word about this Saturday’s rally for Syria. The flyer is attached to this email both in color and black and white. We’re inviting people of every background, ethnicity and calling to come and take a stand for the rights of the Syrian people, inshaallah. 

The rally will be held in Copley Square, on Saturday March 10th Boston from 1-4 pm. Flags and such will be provided. If you were able to spread the word and come, even for just a bit, your presence inshaallah will be felt and appreciated. 

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