Importance of the Heart & Tools for Self-Purification with Dr. Imad Bayoun


In this course, attendants will develop a deep understanding of the role the heart plays in an individuals relationship with Allah, the Most High, the Exalted. This key role is the spiritual relationship between a Muslim and the Creator bringing it all back to the basics.

All people face daily challenges, including challenges in their relationship with Allah. These challenges, if not properly addressed, will lead to the individuals inability to build a strong spiritual relationship with Allah. The heart is in need of constant purification to combat these challenges. In order to further defeat the challenges and the desires that displease Allah, an individual must be aware of the importance of spirituality and the proper methods to purify oneself.

To do so, attendants will be introduced to the basic elements of belief. They will learn how to maximize the benefits of the acts of worship in their spirituality. Attendants will be given practical examples on how to overcome many life challenges and natural desires. Upon completion of this course, attendants will learn the importance of expecting the reward from Allah; the importance of duaa; the importance of good company and how to acquire that company; how to introduce contemplation into their own life and its importance; and attendants will also acquire a skill to come up with their own spiritual enhancement plan.

This course defines the role of the heart and the methods to keep it pure from any diseases to ensure an uplifting relationship with Allah SWT.

$40 / pre-registration
$50 / door

**$20 College Students and MAS members
**$30 Students of Imam Suhaib’s Ilm classes

**Online registration will require you to pay the $40 cost, but you will be reimbursed the day of if you are eligible for these discounts.

Visit the facebook event page here.


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