UMASS Boston’s Annual MSA Dinner

Join UMass Boston’s MSA for their Annual Dinner this Saturday April 28, 2012 at 6 PM Campus Center 3rd Floor Ballroom B featuring Imam Abdullah Farooq, Poet Ammar AlShukry, and Muslim Rapper Hamza Elguenaoui.

The topic for the evening will be: Past, Present and Future of Islam; and Who will be the Leaders?

Background Information:

Islamic history is rich with the quality of leadership. Since the time of the Prophet (salallahu aiayhi wasallam) the Great Caliphas, the Golden Age of Islam, the Ottoman Empire, and to present day, Islam has been blessed with the quality of leadership. This leadership does not simply stem within Caliphas or Generals, but through the general population that were the roots for the growth of Islam. We are at a point in time where we need to identify our responsibility as becoming the next generation of leaders to take the Muslims to the next level.

Guest Speakers & Entertainers:

  • Imam Abdullah Farooq will be giving an insightful and spiritual lecture. He has been the Imam at Masjid Alhamdulilah for over fifteen years. He has played a vital role in the development of the Muslim community in Boston.
  • Ammar AlShurky, who gives the Muslim community a voice through his poetry, will also be joining us. To catch a glimpse, here is a link to a beautiful poem called “Jannah” by AlShurky.
  • Finally, UMASS Boston’s very own Hamza Elguenaoui, who is a talented Muslim rapper, will be performing live.

They will be providing dinner from Blackseed Cafe and Grill. Hope to see you all there, InshaAllah!

Visit the event on facebook!


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