NO MORE PINS!! *Sister’s Only Event*

ISBU would like to cordially invite the sisters to “No More Pins!!” This Friday 9/21 4:30 PM at the Howard Thurman Center located in the basement of the George Sherman Union.

Introducing the Hijat by Fetoun, a revolutionary new way to maintain your modesty without the need to tie your hair in a bun, add pins, or constantly having to worry and adjust your hijab throughout the day.

Fetoun Hijats allow you to apply your scarf like never before, and they’re so mashAllah comfortable! Join us this Friday for a sister’s only exclusive interview session with the owner of the company, Fetoun LLC (She’s a BU ALUMNI too!)

  • View a live demo of her product
  • Preview her fall collection and newest styles of Hijats
  • Actually get to experience what a Fetoun Hijat feels like around your head
  • Free Tea and Cookies will be provided!
  • Open Q & A session–>Feel free to ask about what it’s like to wear a head covering and survive in today’s corporate environment
  • **Be sure to invite all your friends that ever had a question about the hijab/scarf**

This is an event you don’t want to miss!! Check out the facebook event here.

See you there InshaAllah!

More Info:
-Fetoun first debuted the Hijat on Aug 29th, 2012 at the 2012 Annual ISNA Convention in Washington DC.
-Join Fetoun as they gain momentum to make modesty the latest fashion trend.
-The Fetoun Hijat is a non-denominational head-covering designed for all walks of life, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Cancer Survivor or Trend Setter.
-The Fetoun Hijat is a specially engineered head covering designed to make you feel weightless as you protect your modesty.
-All Hijats are hand-made right here in Massachusetts.
Learn more at Fetoun and check out the facebook page here.

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