Islamic Awareness Month Common Ground Spring Dinner

dinner poster

Salaam everyone!

To conclude our Islamic Awareness Month, we are hosting a common ground dinner on March 31 from 7-9pm in the GSU’s Metcalf Ballroom.

Muslims and non-Muslims are welcome!

Here is the official FB event, and please let us know if you have any questions!


Join Us for Our Hijab a Day Challenge and Discussion After!

hijab poster

ISBU is hosting TWO of its Islamic Awareness Month events on March 22!

Join us anytime for our activities on campus!

All Muslims and non-Muslims are welcome and encouraged to come and participate!

First up is the Hijab a Day Challenge this Friday! Wear the Islamic headscarf, hijab, for a day and tell us your experiences later at the GSU Back Court at 6pm. For those who don’t participate in the hijab for a day, stop by to listen to Muslim students answer your questions about Islam and debunk your myths!

Click here for the FB event! Please contact us with any questions!

Sister’s Only Event at ISBCC!

What You Should Know About the Menstrual Cycle!


An overview of the legal rulings according to the Hanafi School of Law taught by Sister Nethal Abdul-Mu’min on March 9th at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC).

Fee: $10 (Collect onsite)
Date: Saturday, March 9th
Time: 11:30am – 4:30p
Where: ISBCC (100 Malcolm X Blvd, Roxbury MA)

Click here for the FB event!

Islamic Awareness Month at Northeastern University!


The Islamic Society of Northeastern University is pleased to cordially invite you to our Islamic Awareness Month for February! The theme for this month is “Enlightenment” which will consist of multiple events throughout the month that will address some contemporary issues as they relate to Islam today, as conveyed through the the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the way of the Prophet Mohamed, PBUH). Five events will be talks presented by renowned speakers from across the world and our kick-off event will be a night of music and celebrations! All events are free and open to the public!

UNCENSORED!: American Islam in a Modern Age
Speakers: Imam Suhaib Webb and Dr. Mohamed Abutaleb
Date: 02/14/13 | 6 – 9 pm
Location: Blackman Auditorium

Dollars and Dinars: Making Sense of Islamic Finance
Speakers: Charles Stromeyer and Mufti Ikramul Haque
Date: 02/20/13 | 6 – 9 pm
Location: McLeod Suites, Curry Student Center

The Genius of Islam: How Muslims Made the Modern World
Speaker: Bryn Barnard
Date: 02/21/13 | 7 – 10 pm
Location: West Addition, Curry Student Center

Lovestruck ♥: Romance in Islam
Speaker: Abdelrahman Murphy
Date: 02/27/13 | 6 – 9 pm
Location: McLeod Suites, Curry Student Center

Women in Islam
Speaker: Maryam Amirebrahimi
Dare: 02/28/13 | 6 – 9 pm
Location: McLeod Suites, Curry Student Center

Halaal Vibes: Poetic Vision Tour
Time: TBA
Location: Afterhours

Here’s a campus map, the flyer link, and the official FB event!