Islam and Muslim Studies Courses

Spring ’16 Muslim Studies Course Offerings

For additional information on the courses, please contact the departments or consult the Academics Bulletin for course descriptions and times.

Department of Anthropology

CAS AN317 A1 Middle East

CAS AN 319 A1 Muslim Cultures

Department of Archaeology

CAS AR347 A1 Early States: Egypt N.E. Africa

Department of History

CAS HI393 A1 Arab-Israeli Conflict

CAS HI595 A1 History of Morocco

Department of International Relations

CAS IR328 A1* Turco-Persia (*Meets w/ HI382)

CAS IR383 A1* Modern N. Africa (*Meets w/ PO376)

CAS IR503 A1* US in MidEast (*Meets w/ PO503)

CAS IR504 A1 Persian Gulf

CAS IR561 A1* Religion & IR (*Meets w/ RN561)

Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature

Language Instruction Courses

CAS LT112 A1 2nd Semester Turkish

CAS LY 111 A1 Modern Arabic I
CAS LY 112 A1 Modern Arabic II
CAS LY 112 B1 Modern Arabic II
CAS LY 112 C1 Modern Arabic II
CAS LY139 A1 Intensive Arabic 1
CAS LY 211 A1 Modern Arabic III
CAS LY 212 A1 Modern Arabic IV
CAS LY 212 B1 Modern Arabic IV
CAS LY 214 A1 Levantine Arabic
CAS LY 304 A1 Modern Arabic VI

CAS LZ 112 A1 Modern Persian II

Literature Courses

CAS LY350 A1 Intro to Arab Lit
CAS LY471 A1 Tour of the Mid East
CAS LZ381 A1 Sufi Poetry
CAS XL223 A1 Comp Lit: Mid East
CAS XL382 A1 Gender Mid East Film
CAS XL342 A1 Muslim Travel WritingCAS XL342 A1 Muslim Travel Writing

Department of Political Science

See International Relations for cross-listings.

Department of Religion

CAS RN 214 Islam

CAS RN435 A1 Gender & Islam

CAS RN345 A1 Islamic Law

Visit BU’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations for more details.